Sunday, December 6, 2009

Starting fresh

Here are my first attempts at using my SLR. I will include as much information about the photo as I can, at this point. And also, what I have learned, if anything!

Very experimental shot using a lens that did not come with the camera kit. It's a Canon EF 50mm 1:1:8 II
The point of this lens is to let in a lot of light so that you can go without the flash indoors.
In my first shooting session, I had a really hard time with focus.
Three things learned about focus:
1. The focal point is where the center target in the viewfinder is pointing.
2. Auto focus is your friend (and this lens has an auto focus, AF, setting)
3. AI SERVO is your BEST friend. In AI SERVO, the camera continuously focuses on the target subject as either you or the subject move.
The following pictures were shot without the AF, and AI SERVO options chosen:

When he is sitting still, no problem. But as soon as he moves:

Its all blurry. Argh.
in the "P" setting AI SERVO with Continuous Shooting Fixes this issue!

Nifty! Have to remember those settings.

And I think that this is my best photo to date (even though my son is sitting by the safety gate, and it looks like he's in jail!)

I actually got him to look at the camera!!
Umm Nidal


  1. What a wonderful blog ma sha Allah!!! I'm so looking forward to more! And Nidal is growing up so fast! What a cutie ma sha Allah!

  2. ma'shallah - he is such a handsome boy!

    I liked your outdoor shots, bright and clear. I have a very difficult time with any camera to get a good indoor shot. Let me know how it goes with this one.

  3. Thanks UmmHaajar! I enjoyed looking at your blog, too! I am adding it to my list!!!

    Taressa - From what I have seen, the key to truly good indoor shots is a lot of light and not a lot of flash. The flash just ends up making a harsh light on the subject. That's ehy I am using the 50mm lens. Although the pictures are not as bright as sunlit pictures, they are much better than the indoor shots using a flash. Plus, minus the flash, you get to take quicker shots because the flash does not have to recharge. There seem to be solutions for that, as well. But that costs $$$ and I don't even know that basics yet!