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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Focus and Composition

My interest in photography started out when I began traveling in my teens. I realized quickly that I needed to compose a shot right, or I was wasting film. Now, that does not mean that I understood anything else about photography. It was really economic factors that lead me to take care in choosing and photographing my subjects. I still enjoy looking at a scene and composing a photograph. Sometimes successfully - and sometimes it seemed more interesting before I took the shot - and the actual photo is nothing special.

Here are some shots that I took outside last weekend. Just so you all don't think I only photograph my son! (although he is my main subject at the moment!)

Not the most exciting picture of the Verrazano  Bridge. But I got it centered in the middle of the picture! And I thought that the combination of the on-ramp, the bridge and the trees in the park were a good representation of the area of Brooklyn that I live in. Its on the water, but still urban and made up of people who commute to Manhattan.

What is it? OK. I will tell you. It's moss growing at the edge of the asphalt in the park's playground. I loved the green of the moss against the black asphalt.

I love the angle of the trees, and the fact that they are all growing at the same angle. Also there are a series of multiples in this shot. The trees, the benches, the fence posts, the street lights. There are even two pigeons in the foreground (shock! multiple pigeons in NYC!!!) There is only the one lone person walking.


This is the Roman Catholic Church that we live across the street from. I thought the sky was so blue that it made a great contrast against the Church tower.

OK, and one picture of my son. Because I love the smile on his face after having slid down the slide for the gozillionth time!

Looking forward to snapping away this weekend!
Umm Nidal


  1. New York is devastatingly beautiful in the fall and winter. Your son makes a great subject, I think this is the beginning of his modeling career. Great job! M

  2. I LOVE that tree-lined street shot!!! And of course the pic of your son!!! ;)

  3. Wonderful pictures, I especially like the one with the trees and the benches, it seems so balanced somehow. And the smile on your son's face is wonderful, obviously enjoying himself.

  4. I love the starkness of winter favourite is the street shot, happy snapping insha'allah...I'm looking forward to more pics and blogging....