Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crepes - It's why we go to Paris - right?

Took a little sojourn to Paris. And directly after checking into our hotel, we headed out for some Crepes. My personal favorite is a Crepe with Nutella and Banana. Apparently that Crepe is strictly for breakfast and I had to "settle" for a Crepe (well maybe two Crepes) with only Nutella.

About 10% of the enjoyment of the Crepe is watching it be made right before your eyes, 10% is directly eating it right on the street and the other 80% is how ridiculously tasty a big, thin, French pancake with a chocolate-hazelnut filling can be.


It was chilly out - so when the guy making the crepes poured the batter it created that steam

Notice my other crepe - with the Nutella already on and waiting to be eaten!
And my personal interpreter (a/k/a/ my hubby) pays for this culinary delight. Although, moments before this crepe was finished a gorgeous Parisian woman walked into the store and the guy totally dropped our order to wait on her. Needless to say - hubby not impressed. I say - if you are a gorgeous Parisian woman - why not command all attention??? Porque-pas?