Sunday, August 8, 2010

Late day visit to Coney Island

We love going to Coney Island late in the afternoon. Its cooler, most of the crowds have dispersed. We can spend a few relaxing hours enjoying the ocean. This afternoon we had a different experience. We knew that something was wrong when we were walking up the boardwalk and the police helicopter was hovering overhead. Someone was missing in the water - and all the emergency response units were out looking for them. As we got to the water we saw that it was high and very choppy. Not a very inviting ocean to wade in. The waves were coming high up on the beach, and the life guards were keeping people out of the water.

I still don't know the outcome of the missing swimmer. The scene was further down the beach, and we saw all the emergency vehicles leave. We are hoping that they were found.

Note: I have been trying out Flickr for my photo hosting - I am not entirely happy - it seems to boost the saturation and sharpness of the photos - distorting them. Also the URL links don't seem to work from Flickr anymore - or I can't figure out their new system - so I am not able to modify the size, and am stuck with whatever size they give me. Annoying. Grrrrrr......

Here are some pictures of our afternoon:

I found this poor umbrella - clearly planted before the tide came in:


This is another view of this poor umbrella - along with the close of the day at Coney Island:


The Pier


A gull:




Parachute Jump I:


Parachute Jump II:


Very excited to be going to another photography workshop tomorrow at the International Center of Photography. I will be blogging about it!!!

Umm Nidal

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