Saturday, July 31, 2010

And now, without further interruption.......

YES! I finally found time to blog again. Due to a super-crazy schedule switch a few months ago, I was out of touch for awhile. But I have decided that its time to make a little time for me again, and the things that I love. I want to return to the photos that I took in Algeria - I was not done posting about all the wonderful places that we visited, and now without further interruption......

The Martyrs Monument.

Algiers is city that is built up from its Mediterranean port up into the surrounding hills. The Monument was placed high up in those hills, to look over the city of Algiers. The Martys Monument was built to honor all of the Algerians who died trying to oust the French from Algeria. This monument was constructed for the 20th anniversary of the independence of Algeria. It's breathtaking, and it has a huge public space where people gather, children play and is a wonderful oasis in the middle of a bustling city.

This is the view of the plaza that lies directly in front of the monument. Below the plaza is a subterranean shopping mall and at the opposite end is a national museum.

This photo was taken at the base of the monument, looking up. The three columns represent three palm trees that are sheltering the eternal flame for the Martyrs.

A little perspective.....

The sky was really beautiful that day, it made you feel like you were literally in the clouds!

This is right on the outskirts of the monument, it's an area called Salembeir. It's where my husband grew up and it's a wonderful close-knit community. Where they also enjoy a bit of TV......

Our house. Very, very old-school Algerian. Survived more than its share of earth quakes and keeps on standing. I also have yet to figure out where that bush is coming from. Apparently this is quite charming in Algeria - I just see a really good place for bugs to hide (old-school Algerian bugs) . Ick.

Next up - Jardin D-Essai.  An absolutely gorgeous garden that was in disrepair for years and dates back to the Ottomans - and some say earlier.

Umm Nidal