Thursday, March 18, 2010

Holiday in Algeria - Tipaza

Continuing on the holiday in Algeria....

We ventured out to Tipaza which is a Wilaya (or state) in Algeria that is close to where we were staying. Tipaza has some really incredible sites of Roman Ruins. Which I did not get to see, but have extracted a promise from the hubby that we will go back the next time around. Tipaza also has the "Tomb of the Christian" which dates to the first century A.D. It was amazing, and my next posting will contain the pictures of the tomb. It was really a gloomy, rainy day - but I took photos anyway!

We basically drove along the coast of the Mediterranean, the whole way. These first photos are of a cove that we stopped off at, along the way. My poor little one gets motion sick, so this was one of our rest breaks.

Then I spied this fisherman way off in the distance on the outcrop of rocks. It looked like the waves were going to wash him right off the rocks!

We drove a little further and found a summer resort. It was quite deserted, because it was a rainy day in February - but it looked like it might be fun in the summer. It had the traditional white houses with blue acccents, and was also built on a cove. Would love to see it in the summertime!

On our way out - we came across this dilapidated swimming pool - which must have been pretty nice in it's heyday!

Then we started our ascent up the mountain. And what wonderful views we had! Even for a gloomy day.

Nidal found this huge rock and was sure he could lift it. He put his binky sideways in his mouth - and began to try and lift. He didn't give up for about 5 minutes - until he realized the rock wasn't budging....

This is our niece, Hadyl

This is one of my favorites from the whole trip. Love the yellow-domed Mosque. If anyone knows what Mosque that is - please let me know!

So that chronicles about half of our trip to Tipaza - the other half - to the Tomb of the Christian - will be my next post.

Oh - and I am taking a weekend photo class this weekend!! Totally exciting! And thanks to my dear hubby who has agreed to take control of the tornado we know as Nidal - this weekend!

Umm Nidal

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  1. masha'Allah.. well done you :D love the pics especially the ones where the colours are similar then theres a big boldness... like the yellow mosque or the blue doors :) reminds me of Greece (the doors pictures)